A Garland Of Experiences

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My friend just sent this to me and I thought of you.

“I don’t know 
What your destiny will be,

But one thing I know:

The only ones among you
 who will be really happy

Are those
 who have sought, and found,
how to serve.”

-Dr. Albert Schweitzer

My Backyard on the Russian River

We are an industry of givers and servers. I am continually amazed at the resilience, generosity and examples of how you go the extra mile for others. This is a gentle reminder to go the extra mile and remember to serve and reinvigorate yourself by taking a little time to enjoy your own beautiful backyard. Last weekend I took the inaugural “forest therapy” meditation walk in Armstrong Woods being offered by the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, sat on Goat Rock beach in the early morning light, and paddled down the Russian River at sunset. These experiences cost a grand total of $5.

Great, right?

Sometimes this sounds more familiar. When my emails are answered, my meetings are done, the cats are house trained, my bills are paid, my laundry is down to one basket, I no longer have grass to mow, then I can visit the coast, go on a wine tour, try a hot air balloon ride, experience the Artwalk, reach out to a new friend, and zipline through the redwoods.

Stringing new personal experiences into a garland of knowledge and passion is actually the best way to serve others in our work. It’s a win/win of happiness.

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