Draw a line in the sand

This weekend I contemplated the pain of separation. Not a lively choice of a topic for a sunny weekend but i was compelled to reframe the fact that when I drove to San Francisco on Friday for 2 amazing meetings ( to discuss working on the Superbowl customer service program and to witness a colleague in Arbonne receive a new Mercedes) I left without my car. Apparently little country girl who lives on the river didn't understand that the parking garages in the financial district close for the weekend. Yes, my car with my 'valuable' possessions has been locked up since Friday. Banging on the garage door, crying with the injustice of it all, i was scooped up by my friends, housed for the night, and driven back home on Saturday.


I was car-less and sad and spent a few hours contemplating the injustice of things being wrenched from my grasp lately ( things and people i love). I went to my beach and drew a line in the sand. I sat on one side and lined up rocks on the other side for all the things I have lost. This interesting science experiment led me to see that i was still 100% whole on the other side. I had all of myself and I was actually quite fine!

Man Running

My teeth were still in good working order so I rode my bike to town and bought a nice ribeye steak. My legs were strong and healthy so I walked to the Pride Parade, danced in the street, and ate a veggie burger. My mind was sharp as a tack so I worked for 12 straight hours on a project I had been putting off. At one point the frustration came roaring through again in the form of a howl ( we can do that when we live alone). At that very instant , and i do not exaggerate, my phone rang and a text came through. The simultaneous messages from two different friends said the exact same thing , "How Are You Doing? Are You Okay?" I laughed and returned both the calls to the Angels thanking them for being so prompt. This morning my friend Tedd who lives in Guerneville and works in the city is picking me up and taking me to reunite with my car. I managed to live without my laptop and briefcase. But I did miss my mascara.

Meditation by the sea

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